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Club Volare

Tied to the Tycoon
Ten years ago, tech entrepreneur Jackson Reed broke Ava Barnett's heart. As best friends in college they each had their reasons for keeping their relationship platonic, but when they finally let go and gave in to their desires, things were perfect for one night--and then Jackson screwed it all up.

Since then, he's never forgotten her, and she's tried her best to forget him. Jackson has become one of the most sought after Doms in the city, and Ava has pretended she's never had a submissive thought. Which suits Ava just fine: after a decade of failed dating in New York, she's decided she's done with getting her heart broken.

But at a Club Volare engagement party, Jackson catches sight of the one who got away: Ava. One quick wager later, and Ava is massively in his debt. To pay it off, she'll need to be his submissive for one week.

Jackson Reed has spent ten years becoming the man Ava Barnett deserves. They've been tied to each other all this time, whether she knows it or not. Now he's got one week to show her that she's the only woman he'll ever truly love--and the only one he wants to Dominate.


Sold to the Sheikh
Stella Spencer is grateful for any job she can get after her divorce, even if it's at an exclusive BDSM sex club. And Club Volare proves the perfect place to hide while she mends a shattered heart—until she interrupts an auction scene, and the powerful Sheikh Bashir al Aziz bin Said decides that Stella is the woman that he wants.

At Club Volare for one last wild weekend before his family requires him to settle down, Sheikh Bashir doesn't expect to find a woman who challenges him. But Stella Spencer is a challenge, all right: both vulnerable and guarded, beautiful and insecure, and a closet submissive. And she's hiding something.

Stella is afraid to open her heart to love again after the way she's been hurt, but Sheikh Bashir wants to be the Dom to show her who she truly is—and Sheikh Bashir always gets what he wants.


BDSM Bacchanal

The Wolf's Captive
It's the raunchy, decadent holiday of Bacchanal, and Lucia Lyselle is just hoping to make it through intact. But then her father is arrested, and Lucia is held captive by the brutal Lord Cesare Lupin. She'll have to submit to Lord Cesare's sexual domination for the duration of the Bacchanal if she hopes to win her father's freedom. But she doesn't expect to fall in love - and she doesn't expect that she'll have to choose between her family and Lord Cesare...

Lord Cesare Lupin has come back from war afflicted with an ancient curse. If he can't find his mate, he'll turn into a mad, blood-thirsty beast, and the city that is his responsibility will suffer. Just his luck that his mate turns out to be the daughter of a man accused of treason...
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Sometimes a highborn Lady needs to be brought low...

It's the decadent, raunchy holiday of Bacchanal, and the Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi cannot find a man to satisfy her. Worse, she's been saddled with the brutish Carlo Castellan as her bodyguard for the last night of Bacchanal. There's only one thing to do: escape to the fabled House of the Severille...

The imperious Lady Lucrezia expects to sate herself by dominating some poor house slave. What she gets instead is the harsh touch of a Severille Master who will stop at nothing to make the Lady submit.

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Doctor's Orders

(Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance)

Claire is living a boring life, full of little humiliations and impossible dreams. That is, until she gets a secretive invitation to see the mysterious Doctor.

Claire is skeptical about his treatment at first, but hell, what does she have to lose? At least it's exciting. She doesn't expect the Doctor to be so tall, so attractive, so commanding. She doesn't expect to be examined so...thoroughly. She doesn't expect to be disciplined so effectively. And she doesn't expect to fall in love.

With each session, Claire learns something new about herself and her sexual desires. Each session, she gets closer to her ultimate goal: the Doctor himself.

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